About Homemade Grub

HomemadeGrub is the 1st collective directory + point of sale (POS) system that is focused on the Microenterprise Home Kitchen Organization (MEHKO) upcoming industry. MEHKO's are also known as home restaurants, serving your community delicious mouth-watering homemade meals. For the times when you're just too tired from work and everyday life to cook your own homemade meals. And now you can find them, view their menus and order right from the home restaurant listing page.
Don't fall prey to unhealthy fast food. With HomemadeGrub's help, you can search for home restaurants near you and continue to eat healthy!
HomemadeGrub operates an app (Android & iOS) and a web platform through which cooks can manage their listing to market their homecooked meals and diners to foodies like yourself.